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Meet Draya Love

After doing the typical business thing for my entire life.
Pushing myself beyond healthy and reasonable limits.

Healing from a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and lupus.
Re-training myself to create a balanced, fun and manageable life.

It was time to design a career based on things I love; something I

could live with, that wouldn't get me sick again. 

Finding things that support my natural gifts & experiences

then building from there. 
My life, and this healing journey; it’s my work & my story.

So, here I am.

Sharing the details of my experience, the raw deal. 
Teaching others how to find their own superpowers in the midst of their life.
Hoping that others will be able to make some sense about what life has been presenting to them.
I hope that my wild story will inspire you to see how much it is that you

may not be seeing.
Helping people wake up in the middle of their life.

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