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Meet Draya Love

After doing the typical business thing for my entire life.
Pushing myself beyond healthy and reasonable limits.

Healing from a diagnosis of fibromyalgia & lupus and

type A corporate mindset and mentality.

De-conditioning from what I knew, it was time to write a new story.

Knowing there was SO much more out there beyond what was

playing out in my life.

I was ready to design a life & career based on things I love that

supported my purpose on earth and what I was truly called to do.

Finding things that surrounded my natural gifts,

experiences and desires then building from there. 
My life, and this healing journey; it’s my work & my story.

Guiding you to and through yours is my gift. 

So, here I am.

Sharing the details of my experience, the raw deal. 
Teaching others how to find their own superpowers in the midst of their life.
Hoping that others will be able to make some sense

about what life has been presenting to them as I have.
I hope that my wild story will inspire you to see how much

it is that you may not be seeing.

Helping people wake up in the middle of their life and connect the pieces.

The world just isn't ready.

Are you?

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