A compilation of resources that brought me to my senses in many ways.

Many beautiful teachers and wisdom seekers, all passing on their knowledge

May these resources help you find your purpose!

Caroline Myss

THE teacher on Archetypes and Sacred Contracts. She’s real, raw and relatable. She will teach you about relationships, our roles and our tendencies. She really woke me up to what I was doing to myself.

Byron Katie

A phenomenal teacher of the beautiful lessons of life. She teaches people about their own suffering. She guides them through their own healing. 

Wake Up World

Informational site on health, spirituality, environment, science and society. Articles that get to the point and give good direction on a myriad of topics related to waking up.

Great resource.


Netflix for spirituality. This is where education is awesome. You can spend hours researching a multitude of topics. I feel like it’s the school of life in there. Typically, the only place I watch anything. 

The Shift Network

They provide wisdom to connect us, support us and assist in creating a better world. Through events, courses and media that allow for a more conscious, meaningful life.

The Teachings of Abraham

The original source material from The Law of Attraction. A GREAT starting point to open your mind. Very clear, direct, funny, broad and mind-blowing.  The movie The Secret was based of of her teachings. 

The Teachings of Alan Watts

He was a philosopher and a scholar is known for his popularization of Zen Buddhism to the West. He opened my eyes to relationship between the universe and myself specifically.  His myriad of work is timeless.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr Joe is a doctor, researcher, educator,  and author.  He teaches about our brains and how we can rewire our bodies to heal ourselves. Covering the fields of neuroscience, epigenetic and quantum physics. 

Dr. Gregg Braden

He's a scientist, author, visionary and scholar. He’s written 12 award winning books on topics like: healing our heart, ancient civilization, DNA, healing, fractals and quantum physics. Dedicating this life to expanding our vision of human purpose and ultimate reality. 

The Heart Math Institute

Scientifically based tools to bridge intuitive connection between the heart, mind and the hearts of others. Assists in self regulation of emotions and behaviors. A powerful institute with cutting edge technology. 

Higher Perspectives

Their goal is to connect, reveal and transcend. Opinion based blog about spirituality, health, astrology and relationships. Powerful information. 

The Daily OM

They feature a universal approach to holistic living for the mind, body, and spirit and support people who want to live a conscious lifestyle.

Mind Valley University

Online global university to transform learning from an institutionalized, linear, means to an end, to a complete and conscious lifelong adventure that has no end. They re-ignite the innate curiosity that lives in us all. School for humanity.

Center for Conscious Ascension

Beautiful people. My mentor, Nicolas David Ngan, is the co-founder. They assist people in the gradual awakening to higher levels of awareness and consciousness. Provide healings and training to raise the frequency of your life.

Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle is a spiritual teacher. He is best known for his books, The Power of Now and A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose. New York Times called him the most popular spiritual author in the United States. I absolutely love his work! 

The Resonance Academy

The Resonance Academy is an innovative learning environment and an international community of forward-thinking pioneers who share the same goal – to aid the evolution of humankind by advancing and unifying science. The Resonance Academy provides an in-depth exploration into unified physics and into the science behind the connected universe – a view developed by physicist Nassim Haramein over the past 30+ years. Understanding these scientific principles of connectedness can have a profound effect on our everyday lives and on the world around us.

What Doctors Don't Tell You

What Doctors Don't Tell You is a magazine that uncovers the hard-to-get facts about health and the causes of illness. Every month What Doctors Don't Tell You reveals the therapies your doctor should be offering you. By researching the very latest discoveries from some of the world's most prestigious academies, including Oxford, Harvard and Yale, WDDTY brings you the very latest, and proven, therapies that could make all the difference to your condition. Its pages focus on prevention, too. The best diets, exercises and supplements are highlighted every month, making the magazine the complete health package for everyone of all ages.

Lynne McTaggart

Lynne is an award winning journalist, speaker and author. She is a spiritual leader in the area of consciousness, the power of intention and as her books represent the area of New Science. She’s also architect of the  intention experiment, a global ‘laboratory’ involving thousands of readers around the world testing the power of group thoughts to heal the world. She’s the Co-founder of What Your Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine.

Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton,PhD, is a stem cell biologist, best selling author and is internationally recognized for bridging science and spirit. He’s produced a number of breakthrough studies that reveal transformative information about the science of epigenetics. He’s deepened our understanding of the mind body connection. He’s regarded as one of the leading voices of the new biology.

Matt Kahn

Matt is a spiritual teacher, You Tube Sensation, author and healer. His way of connecting with and explaining sprit is healing, full of love and definitely his own. He is leading lightworkers into their work and holding space for us to move forward. Only if you are ready. 

Kaia Ra

Kaia Ra is an divine feminie leader, author and an oracle. She is a leading-edge voice and guides a worldwide movement for humanity’s reconciliation with its innate sovereign divinity through the return of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness. She has been working with the ascended masters and archangels since childhood and had channeled in much of her work. She is best known for The Sophia Code and the beautiful work that has come from that body of knowledge. Creating ascension training, multidimensional quantum healing, and ceremonial leadership that mentors the spiritual awakening of Lightworkers across the globe. 

Dolores Cannon

She is next level wild. She recently passed away but blessed us with so much work during her time. She was a hypnotherapist, a channel, a writer (so many books) and teacher. She covers topics about quantum healing, reincarnation, the subconscious,UFO's, ET's, planetary shift, and why we are here on so many levels.... For some time she channeled in Nostradomus and wrote on clarifying many of his teachings.

She will blow your socks off so get ready for Dolores.

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