My name is Andrea. My brand is Draya Love. As I have gone through the process of healing, I would love to share why I do what I do. You will find my mission statement and scope of work below. Thank you for your interest and curiosity to be well. Let me know if you have interest in helping me expand the brand and the vision. Blessings and Peace.

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The Vision and it's expansion.

Draya Love, Inc. 



Creating awareness and space for energetic alignment with our best self. Helping you understand energy and wellness in action, making it relatable and tangible. Teaching others to heal their lives. Meeting people and businesses where they are at to provide support and understanding to their story. Create understanding and realistic expectations around the process for healing. Linking people with people, products and information to ease the unknowingness on the journey. Helping people unpack and align with strategy, love and abundance.



High level wellness tools, simplified for people to help themselves. A book, website and products all things healing with guidance for the journey. A three month scalable energy workshop with many supporting programs for individualized wellness process. An expanded 6-12 month program depending on the audience. Multiple cutting edge technology wellness protocols made simple and applicable through monthly memberships, business advisory, access to products and people that heal. Assisting people as they understand their energy and get on their best path forward. Clearing trauma, recognizing potential and purposeful strategic alignment. Creating more harmony & awareness within our communities, workplaces, families and its members. 



  • Build out and expansion of the Draya Love Energy & Wellness Program and protocol with various entry points, Corporate and personal.

  • Build out and expand the three month protocol and adaptable 6 -12 months program. (expand on book (love letter to my life. Healing), a supporting app, package programs with multiple deliverables and marketing potential.)

  • Hire staff to build out program/protocol and get to market. 

  • Build out and scaling of Draya’s healing artwork. Installations in multiple locations and deliverables, products to sell, new book and oracle deck from art. 

  • Three year plan. Massive potential as brand is unique and expansive.

  • Provide simplified interactive tools for discernment & best practices for realistic individualized healing. Creating long term sustainable health protocols for life. 

  • Support the facilitation of healing with frequency therapy, intuition, discernment, unique diagnostic tools for self reflection, ways to empower.


plan of action:


Operations & Company organization, salary for Draya and support staff to build out program and protocol, back end systems, marketing, expansion of brand and vision.



Contributions by complementary organizations, companies and individuals. Create a collective effort to bring for the the desired effects in the community. 


Currently working with You Saved Me Foundation, The Hidden Spa, The Art of Life University and others.


founder and original contributor:

Andrea Crawford, MBA ( www.drayalove.com


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect and see how we can partner.