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If you would like to know more about what it is I do, we can schedule a free 10 minute consultation. To make an appointment for Coaching, a Reading or group sessions please contact me below. I have coaching packages that combine my modalities so we can create something that is specialized to your needs. If you are interested in me hosting a call for a group, I love being the catalyst in networking groups into action. 

Appointments vary depending on client or group need but can include: energetic assessment and clearing, soul contract decoding, relationship overlay,  lifestyle analysis and assistance in understanding physical manifestations and recognizing patterns. We will combine modalities including your Soul Contract Numbers to see what is presenting in your life. Overall lifestyle integration following a client analysis.

Sessions will offer clarity, help to align you with your purpose & assist you in hearing what your life is trying to say to you. 

If you are ready, it will help release old pain, relieve depression and prepare you for the shifts to come.

Appointments are done over the phone or video appointments will be done over the Zoom. If we are in the same city, face to face appointments are possible. I travel California regularly, so be sure to check for updates for upcoming events/workshops in your area. 

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To learn more about what coaching or consulting could mean for you or your team, use the contact form below.  Don't forget, I offer a 10 minute consultation to see if you are ready for this work.

I look forward to walking with you on your journey.

Get ready for your life to change! 

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