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Work with Me

Thank you for your interest in working with me.

Through a unique experience, I combine my modalities to help companies & people align with energy, change and healing. 

What to Expect during your mentorship:

  • We will decode the energy playing out in your life, body and business.

  • We will take inventory of your situation, create strategy that gets you to integration.

  • We will identify physical manifestations of illness and decode how they are playing out in your body.

  • We will get to the root cause of chaos in your life and learn how to move through the challenges with confidence.

  • We will get you aligned with your intentions and create space for clarity. 

Book now to talk about how this can work in your life.

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Looking forward to working with you. 
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gift cards

Would you like to give the gift of healing?

Working with Draya Love will shift your life

and give you the gift of being your own medicine.

Order a gift card for someone you care about.

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