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If you would like to know more about what it is I do, we can schedule a free inquiry session. To make a personal, executive appointment or group session please contact me below. I combine my modalities in most of my work; helping people align with change and healing.

Appointments vary depending on need but can include: intuitive coaching sessions, overall strategy analysis, decoding of physical manifestations & life events, mind/body/spirit & energetic assessment/alignment, soul contract decoding, group/relationship analysis, and quantum frequency analysis/treatment. We will combine modalities to see what is presenting in your life and workplace; Integration being key. The work is unique and one of a kind.

Working with a corporate executive that has personally walked their healing journey can help you deeply connect with yours. With love, healing and integration. 

Sessions will offer clarity, help align with purpose & assist in hearing understand what is 'happening'.

If you are ready, it will help release and manage old pain, help people and companies 'cope',

and prepare you for the shifts to come.

For larger clients, It is bridging the gap between the real world and outdated corporate mindsets.

Reminding us we can use healing and support, even in the workplace. 

Appointments are done over the phone or video appointments over Zoom.

If we are in the same city, face to face appointments are possible. 

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To learn more about what coaching or executive consulting could mean for you or your team, use the contact form below.  

Don't forget, I offer an inquiry session to see if you are ready for this work.

I look forward to walking with you on your journey.

Get ready for your life to change! 

Waking people up in the middle of their life.

The world just isn't ready. Are you?

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