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love letter to my life



Released in December 2020, love letter to my life. Healing. It is a book to be read over and over.

It's filled with small, daily doses of healing practices that you can implement immediately in your everyday life – helping you access your deepest self.

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During the middle of covid, Spirit had a book that needed to be birthed right now. 

It is for our times. 

High level spiritual information made tangible and transferable to everyday life.


Small doses of day to day healing practices ready to integrate as you read. Complex topics made fun, light and relevant for everyone.

True, deep, lasting, cross cultural healing for all. 


A twist on how to get well.


You will want to read this over and over & gift this to all the people you love and wish healing for. 


As I have traveled through my healing journey over the last 8 years, I've acquired many tools.

Now, simplified and ready to pass on. 

These trials haven't been easy and still continue to challenge me daily.

I have just learned the gems and believe you deserve these gifts. 


I have fallen deeply in love with my life in a multitude of ways.

I have beautiful, light, realistic, strategic and integrative perspectives for you.


Having accessed my deepest self.

I am ready to help find that within you.


Re-remembering who you are....


My friends. No time to waste.




So full of love.

MBA strategy.


all tha thangs.


Unlike anything you've ever seen.

get ready for The Draya Love Frequency all.


Waking people up in the middle of their life

The World just isn't ready. Are you?

(if you are there is also a coaching program based off of the book).

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