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only if you are ready.

love letter to my life.


Released in December 2020.

This book has already changed many lives.

Reviews say "its a MUST READ."

It's filled with tangible, daily doses of healing practices that you can implement immediately

in your everyday life.

Helping you access your deepest self in a

very simplistic manner.



High level spiritual information made tangible and transferable to everyday life.


Small doses of day to day healing practices ready to integrate as you read.

Complex topics made fun, light and relevant for everyone.




So full of love.

MBA strategy.


all tha thangs.

Get ready for The Draya Love Frequency all.


Waking people up in the middle of their life

Memberships available for those READY TO HEAL.



love letter to my life. Healing.

Rough Surface


This book is a great read. It gives you hope and confidence to actually love yourself.

The small illustrations and even the way the book feels fun and different, which goes to show how much we can play with our own lives and not take things SO seriously! This book is great for reflection and seeing into yourself for self discovery and self love.

You can tell that Draya wants us to help ourselves. I recommend it as a starting point, especially for those who haven't taken the time to listen to their body. As a man, I never thought i had to read something like this but i am grateful I picked it up.

Highly Recommend. 


This book will change your life.

The headline does not lie!

This book is revolutionary and is one of a kind and time! So beautifully written,  raw real truth, divine messages that will give you hope, strength, understanding, wisdom and determination to get after your life,

find inner peace and love all you got.   

So much love.

This book changed my life.

See for yourself.

Thank you Draya Love!

HIGHLY Recommend!

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