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Soul Contract Decoding
spiritual awareness

Reveal the truth of how your life is supposed to work.

Discover your souls purpose. Why you are here. 

Secrets to who you are.

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

• Every so often you feel there is something very important you are to do here in this life,

but you just can't seem to put your finger on it.

• You feel alone, lost and disconnected and not quite sure what you're supposed to do.

• Trying to put your circumstances, situations, people and lessons together..

• No matter how hard you try, there's always one challenge after another that's keeping you

from feeling fulfilled, powerful, and driven.

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But what if I told you you could...

• Discover the precise strategy and solutions for overcoming your greatest challenges in life.

• Express your natural talents and abilities in a more profound way.

• Start manifesting and living your heart felt dreams.

• Learn how to create better relationships, with yourself and with others. that you can enjoy and understand that deeply fulfilled life you have always desired from a completely different perspective. 

This is what Soul Contract decoding can do for you

A Soul Contract Reading is an accurate, in-depth, channelled system of spiritual interpretation that will empower you to find your purpose by decoding the secrets of the blueprint of your life hidden within your birth name.


Based on the sounds of the ancient Hebrew alphabet, your birth name describes the energies set in place by your soul for this life that create your reality in each moment. This work is based on the Kaballah and is also known as the Spiritual Numerology of Moses


It describes your:

  • Karma/Challenges

  • Talents

  • Goals and Dreams

  • Soul Destiny and Life Purpose

And can help you place your life experiences in perspective, show how you've evolved into the person you are today, provide direction to achieve your maximum potential in this life, and see how you fit in relationship to others and to the universe. This is a piece of your puzzle that will change everything for you. Once you dive into this work, its a decision to start to get to know yourself. Understand that  the process I will take you through will be transformative and life altering.

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See What Others Are Saying...

"Before I started the program I felt I didn't know anything about myself, my intuition, and had difficulty with this journey called life. I asked the universe one more time for help. And then this program fell into my lap. It was very clear this was the next step that I needed to tap into my Higher Self. I started to seeing more synchronicities than ever when I put in the work to start healing. I was falling into the alignment I was longing for. Everything that I was asking the Universe for started to flow to me. I have a completely different relationship with myself in the best way possible. Andrea is incredible at what she does. She can help guide you to unlock so many great parts of yourself that you might not even you know you had. She has helped me recognize how powerful energy is and that I can be a co-creator with the Universe. I am so excited to do more of her programs!"

 – Jessica A.

"This book is a great read. It gives you hope and confidence to actually love yourself. The small illustrations and even the way the book feels fun and different, which goes to show how much we can play with our own lives and not take things SO seriously! This book is great for reflection and seeing into yourself for self discovery and self love. You can tell that Draya wants us to help ourselves. I recommend it as a starting point, especially for those who haven't taken the time to listen to their body. As a man, I never thought i had to read something like this but i am grateful I picked it up. Highly Recommend." 

 – Walter G.

Who Can Benefit from a Soul Contract Decoding?

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Families & Relationships

Soul Contract Decoding can easily and accurately show you how the dynamics work in families, relationships, and parenting your children. This includes showing you where things are working positively and creatively, and also the areas of friction and difficulty. We give you recommendations on how to manage these challenges. 

With your children, we can help you develop a customized child specific parenting strategy that is in alignment with their soul's purpose, to allow for full expression of their energy.

Through the understanding of your relationships, you can work much more consciously with those close to you and reach a place of great compassion and acceptance of where someone else is in their life. This allows your relationships to become much more harmonious and loving.

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Corporate and Career

We naturally work best within our strengths and are most efficient in our careers when we maximize the time we spend doing the things we are good at. If you're like most people, however, you probably struggle to understand or accept what your natural gifts and strengths are. But, within your name is a treasure trove of information about your personal strengths and talents, and a Soul Contract Reading can help you see them.

If you feel stuck or burnt out in your career, learning these critical truths about yourself will help you find renewed energy and passion as you pursue what you were made to do well. 

Not only will you discover these truths, but you will walk away  with an action plan that will help you foster your innate talents and abilities, and achieve your maximum potential in the workplace.

On a Video Call


There's a lot of talk about "finding yourself" these days. Well, the truth is your destiny has already been written and is accessible within your own name. You are here. Now. A Soul Contract Reading lets you skip all the mumbo-jumbo and gives you answers right up front. 

Learn your strengths, weaknesses; understand your goals, passions, and dreams with a renewed sense of clarity; learn how to navigate the inevitable hazards of your personal life journey; and become the person who the universe has said you are. 

Getting a Soul Contract Reading is great for you, but can also be given as a gift to someone you know who could use an extra dose of self-realization. 

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Where Does this Work Come From?

Nicolas David Ngan is the Amazon #1 bestselling author of Soul Contract Decoded. He wrote the forward for my book, love letter to my life. Healing. He is my mentor and friend. He explains how my book brings people tools to live in their Spiritual Signature, which is the reason for us being here and the baseline for his teachings. 


He brought the original teachings for Soul Contract Reading to England from the United States in 1990 where he trained directly with Frank Alper. This consisted of about 12 pages of written interpretations and Frank spoke about the meaning of the 22 numbers and how to give readings in addition to the healing processes and spiritual teaching he was also sharing.

Frank channeled through this system in the 1980's over a period of nine months from the soul of Moses. Frank called it the "The Spiritual Numerology of Moses". Nicolas changed the name for use in the United Kingdom to "Soul Contract Reading" to more accurately reflect what it did and to differentiate it from the more well known conventional Pythagorean Numerology which it often got confused with as it’s a completely different process.


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Your Soul Contract Decoded book link

Your Soul Contract Decoded, by Nicolas David Ngan, is a #1 Bestseller on Amazon.

The key difference being that the Soul Contract Reading work uses the sounds of Great Spirit/All That Is in the form of Ancient Hebrew, one of the five Sacred languages, to match the sounds of your birth name and out of that extracts the numbers inherent within Hebrew letters to calculate the Soul Contract chart. Pythagorean Numerology, in comparison, allocates Roman numbers to the English alphabet to undertake its calculations.

Nicolas proceeded to develop and greatly expand it from 1990 based upon the experience giving thousand's of readings using the original teachings of Frank Alper. He was joined by Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire in 2000 in this process.  Today they have a combined total of 44 years of development and experience and as a result have become the leading teachers of this work in the English speaking world. He commenced training practitioners in the United Kingdom in 1994 and he and Ahlmeirah started training the first teachers in 2003.

Together they created the Center for Conscious Ascension, which is where I became a certified Soul Contract Practitioner. Nicolas is my mentor and I continue to enjoy working with this community.


Frank Alper passed away in 2007. Their purpose with this work is to share it with the World to raise Human Consciousness and honor the great contribution he made to humanity's spiritual awakening.

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