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Hey There

Meet me, Draya Love in a little more detail. From my heart to yours. Thank you for your interest in your self care and the magic of your life. 

All About Draya Love

With a rich history in business and life, and the business of my life, Draya Love was born.

Through health concerns that no one had the answer for, I had to learn to do things differently.

Through life and relationship shifts, I was forced to be more productive with my energy and my time.

The Story.

My wake up call.

how it started to reveal itself with time.

First through my body and illness then my life and the unwinding of what was true for me.

Deep self care and restoration became my main focus and priority.

The journey, experiencing & decoding the many layers.

Then, how we move through them before we knew better

and now that we do know better.

What are we doing differently.

What has your wake up call surfaced as?

Our lives are so intelligent. So brilliantly designed.

Taking us through a series of events that will show us

what we need to do, if we listen.

Many of us don’t understand the circumstances or lessons to be of any actual value, but they are teachers in what we aren’t dealing with. Things will come up to cleanse our lives, bodies and minds from energies that aren’t serving us. This can come in the form of a wake up call that is here ultimately to lead us back to ourselves.

It can be a gradual progression of things that we knew needed attention or… a big experience that left you with no choice.

Not typically comfortable, fun or cute.

These wake up calls can be confusing while we are in them and trying to pick apart what happened

& what is happening.

About 10 years ago, mine began with a diagnosis of Lupus and Fibromyalgia. Eventually taking me out of my ‘Executive Corporate Career’ and much of what I knew as my identity.

Six months later, my husband decided he didn’t want to be married.

My sons were 14 and 19 at the time.

I had a lot to un-ravel; everything I knew was about to change.

and quickly.

This time was extremely complicated for me. I was coming out of the Matrix mentality of Corporate career and life in suburbia.

I had to allow things to unfold so I could start putting it back together.

My life, my body and my past. What was mine, what was others. Energy. Boundaries. How to manage. There was so much revelation at that time.

My process of ‘Energetic Unpacking’.

I had to see what I wasn’t seeing & that only comes with the journey.

This took a number of years and required me addressing many things. The next layer of wake up started to take me down a rabbit hole of information. This led to some serious self empowerment and awareness. Scaring many and loosing lots of people during this time.

Connection became my friend.

Feeling desperate for answers and whys about so many things, I craved truth. I found this through a deep connection with myself and spirit. Finally allowing the knowingness in and actually trusting myself. Giving answers and leading me to synchronicities that had to be a conversation with the Universe. The more I started to listen to that internal voice, follow and trust, the more results I would see. It felt like a fun game I was playing, always knowing the universe would speak back. I started to learn more about me and have developed that voice as I journey.

I began to find pieces of me over these years, on purpose.

Facing myself, knowing myself, putting myself back together, loving myself. Ahhhh, is it a process. and not a linear one.

Compassion has been a huge ingredient.

Being gentle with myself through this process of healing my body.

Listening to the whispers and creating flow with what my body wants.

Been a complicated balance with nutrition, movement, release, awareness and observation. Still working towards getting to the sweet spot but I had a lot to unpack from this body, this lifetime. She’s still finishing her purge with all the bullshit I stuffed in her. And a traumatic birth story to start it off. That alone can take a lifetime. So, I am learning the word ‘patience’ with myself and my life. Letting my highest self guide this journey.

Once you begin diving into this work, it’s like there is always another corner to turn or layer of the onion to peel. When I started to heal around the emotional components, I was so excited with progress… Then it seemed like something else would come around that dealt with yet another layer. Initially I felt like it was pointless, my view has shifted.

I have since learned to enjoy the ride. This life we are in and living, currently. Finding joy in the details, as often as possible.

See, there will always be something, a reason for us not to be quite right or un-happy. Continue the path. Remember, your body, your life, your circumstances are actually speaking with you. Communicating many things. As we learn tools, new ways of knowing ourselves, modalities that enhance our sense of awareness, ways to interact with our lives, we can make better decisions. With more congruent choices, we will lead to ourselves into alignment.

So. this story.

the one you are in

the one you are telling yourself

the one you are working towards…

you can do something about it.

you can make all the difference.

remember, we are magic.

you have to believe and play.

play everyday.

this is your life.

no one can

or will do this for you.

you can have a great story, if you so desire….

just open your eyes and heart and play the game.

To the journey,

and our attitude as we ride.

Live your life, family.

Much love,

Draya Love.





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