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Author. Intuitive.
Executive Energy & Wellness Advisor. 

Guiding People & Businesses

into the Next Phase.

Decoding energy and situations.


"Everything you need, your courage, strength, compassion, and love;

it already exists within you."


All healing comes from within.


But as we are in this process of waking up,

going from the belief systems we’ve been in;

our bodies, lives and businesses

are under so much distress. 


Typically, we're unable see

what's right in front of us...

To find out the why's and the how's

of the lessons and our circumstances.

Unless we have guidance.

I am here to mentor you on your journey.

Connecting the dots for you in your story.

Creating Strategy and Intention

for your life and the overall vision.

Making sense out of all the details. 

Helping you understand what healing,

wellness,intention and co-creation

look like in your life and business. 

Elevation. Next level, friends. 

Making sense from nonsense.

Creating purpose from it all.


"What is my life & my body trying to say to me?"

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Well, I can help you find your own answers..tapping directly into your energy to lead us...this information will assist you in the process back to yourself....

I can help you discover who you are at your core. This is a process and a journey; understanding that is just the beginning. During this wake up process you will become more a powerful and present force. Beginning to understand how energy really works!

Together, with time, we will...

  • Decode the energy and chaos in your life and business. 

  • Get you out of fight or flight and into homeostasis. 

  • Take an inventory to understand what is happening and why.

  • Create a strategy and plan that aligns.

  • Learn how to listen to your body's signs and understand what they are attempting to say to you.

  • Learn how to tune in to intuition and understand manifestation.

  • Process through old emotions and find ways to release old pain.

  • See what transformation/transmutation looks like from a wholistic perspective.

  • Take back control over your life & business and no longer   be a victim of your circumstances. 

  • Take you on the journey back to yourself.

 – David R.

 – Chel M.


What would Mentorship look like in your life? Helping you, help yourself. 


Meet Your Coach

Draya Love, MBA is unique in her approach as an energy, business, health & body consultant. A former corporate business executive with over 25 years of experience in consulting, healthcare, strategy and energy work. 

Through a series of modalities, she will show you how to decode the energy & chaos in your life, body and see it in action. Helping you gain clarity, create intentionally and strategy, take inventory and guide you into implementation. Specializing in physical manifestations of illness and how they behave in our bodies & our lives. 


Integrating strategy, mind, body/ spirit & the quantum field into the personalized, intuitive sessions. 

Assisting people and businesses as they integrate in this new age to the new ways.

Stop self-sabotage and wake up to your patterns

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Energetic Unpacking membership

*Quantum Healing

*Soul Contract Reading

*Intuitive Coaching

*Wellness Practices

*Integration Tools

*Energy Decoding

*Chaos Awareness

*Relationship Management

*Business Development

*Strategic MBA Guidance

The journey back to yourself is beautiful.
I'd be honored to walk with you.

See What Others Are Saying...

Before I started the program I felt I didn't know anything about myself, my intuition, and had difficulty with this journey called life. I asked the universe one more time for help. And then this program fell into my lap. It was very clear this was the next step that I needed to tap into my Higher Self. I started to seeing more synchronicities than ever when I put in the work to start healing. I was falling into the alignment I was longing for. Everything that I was asking the Universe for started to flow to me. I have a completely different relationship with myself in the best way possible. Andrea is incredible at what she does. She can help guide you to unlock so many great parts of yourself that you might not even you know you had. She has helped me recognize how powerful energy is and that I can be a co-creator with the Universe. I am so excited to do more of her programs!

 – Jessica A.

This book is a great read. It gives you hope and confidence to actually love yourself. The small illustrations and even the way the book feels fun and different, which goes to show how much we can play with our own lives and not take things SO seriously! This book is great for reflection and seeing into yourself for self discovery and self love. You can tell that Draya wants us to help ourselves. I recommend it as a starting point, especially for those who haven't taken the time to listen to their body. As a man, I never thought i had to read something like this but i am grateful I picked it up. Highly Recommend. 

- Walter G. 

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