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the illusion of separateness and wasted energy - is it worth it?

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

A conversation with Draya Love & Hulu Amen Ra The amount of conflict between people is ridiculous

This prompted a conversation 

that there is more to separate than unite us

being aware of it, identifying this in your life.

us judging an being judged

according to the illusion of the individual 

we can all easily bullshit through existence

why we separate ourselves, what it offers for us and what we think it protects us from.

hostile feelings towards differences

why it stops us from living our potential.

ultimately all is one

Lets get uncomfortable with what is presenting in our lives.

These conditions are only us trying to make sense of what’s not in our control.

We are trying to get some answers.

Focusing on things that don’t feel good in our life 

isn’t the answer. 

wasting our energy on such low vibe actives that create separateness.. really.

is my souls progress worth this energy exchange?

stop creating illusions…

live in the inclusion of oneness that we are.

Is it worth it?

Level up. Breaking our conditioning.

Welcome to our conversation.

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