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Updated: Mar 3, 2021


Do you give yourself an unnecessary hard time about....

( fill in the blank)...

One practice I have with my clients is the

FREE PASS from Draya Love

Much of the time, we can struggle with

giving ourselves a break.

I'd like to help.

I believe that we aren't to be

so hard on ourselves.

I think it's unnecessary

as the world beats us up enough.

Creating ways to be easier, kinder, more loving to ourselves.

Cultivating a softer internal dialog between us and... us.

Giving ourselves a pass for

whatever we need to move through....

If you aren't able to let yourself off the hook just yet,

make some Free Pass cards from Me.

I'd like to offer you some kindness and love.

And soon.

you will be giving it to yourself.

just like that.


Give yourself a free pass.

Keep them with you.

Remind yourself

it's your job to keep you healthy.

This includes internal dialogue.

I love you family.

Here is to being love. to ourselves.

(a client of mine made these) 🥰

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