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So, a cool thing happened. Me, a trailblazer?

Recently, I was asked to tell my story in SD Voyager, Trailblazers Edition.

(me, a trailblazer) …..(what!!) 

And it went live this week. Please click on the link

and let me know what you think!!!

I'm hope the trauma (and drama) my story put me through

will continue to heal those I come in contact with.

Blessings from it all. 

Maybe it can shed some light on what it is you may be going through.

I am grateful at the grandioseness of everything happening.

The organization of it all.

Continuing to live in the flow of my experience. 

Everything is manifesting.


Partnering with the universe.

Get some.

@sdvoyagermag @drayalove @sdvoyagermagazine #sdvoyagermag_emily

Thanks for you interest and support! Love you all!!!

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