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on the call to get people talking again.


spirit has been leading me to get people talking for some time now.

now it's the time we come together to do just that.

we are going to start with the women.


lets get real


it always starts with the women..

we will soon be integrating

mens and co-ed groups into the mix

we wanna get the flow going

welcoming sisterhood.

support through our presence

our intention of opening up to what is happening

in our lives

allow for aspects of ourselves to surface

that have been repressed for some time now.

making room for love, release and growth.

A collective healing journey back to our soul.

Through communion, communication, love, intention and good old magic.

We hope you join the tribe.

Welcome to the middle of your life.

Draya Love style.

Contact or call 619.713.6234 to RSVP

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