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The World Just Isn't Ready

Take Charge of Your Life Today.

We've have three coaching packages to meet your needs:

• Single Sessions ($120/hr)

• Three Sessions of Coaching & Soul Contract Reading (you save $61 )

• Six Sessions of Coaching & Soul Contract Reading (you save $125)

Although the journey to real and lasting change begins with a single step, it is rarely an easy path;

as with any worthwhile endeavor, consistency, determination, and acceptance are critical for growth.

For this reason, we highly recommend enrolling in an extended package,

as it gives you more to work towards your progress.

Not only are program sessions discounted, but we are confident that consistent coaching

will help you create life changing habits and foster spiritual, emotional, and physical health. 

No matter what coaching solution you choose, however,

we are excited to work with you to begin manifesting the life that YOU deserve.


Individual Sessions

1 Session

This one-on-one consultation includes lifestyle analysis, space clearing, and beginning recommendations for further growth and development.



Girl Standing in Mountain Highway

Three Sessions of Coaching

& Soul Contract Reading

3 Sessions & SCR

  • Find your purpose and foster your talents via a Soul Contract Reading ($255 value)

  • Emotional and Space Clearing

  • Addressing physical manifestations

  • Breaking lifestyle & emotional patterns

  • And more



Man Hiking in Nature

Six Sessions of Coaching

& Soul Contract Reading

6 Sessions & SCR

This seven session package includes the same material as the previous package, but addresses each issue in more depth while providing growth accountability, specific manifestation techniques, and an individualized plan to work through challenges.



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