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What are you a giver of?

What are you a giver of?

Love. Light. Hope.

Or nope?

What do you think you energetically “feel” like as others interact with you?

Do you think it feels good.

Or can they feel your pain.

Your problems.

(We aren’t meant to CARRY them STILL)

Do you ensure everyone knows how unhappy or unsatisfied you are?

What are you a giver of?

We can’t help but be us all over everyone else...

That is until we are cognizant of what it is we are “putting out there”.

Then, it’s time to make the alterations.

The shifts in who it is we are, how we feel, what we are projecting and filling the energetic gap between them all.

Being able to energetically represent what it is we feel inside instead of projecting all of our pain and unkept “stuff” all over everyone else.

Being aware of the vibe we put out to the world.

What are we bringing energetically to this place.

Being concerned enough to do something about how

I feel inside.

To ensure that the outside representation is as beautiful as I want to feel.

Not letting the “old” stuff hang on to me any longer energetically.

Making a conscious decision to lift my level.

Only put out the good stuff.

Being a giver of hope.

Being a giver of love.

Being a giver of truth.

Me giving myself me enables me to show you, you.

So, get to it.

Make the choice.

Your energy isn’t gonna clean itself up.

Loving my life in the midst of the mess.

Love letter to my life.

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