Truth inventory

The nice thing about most people I know these days is..

most aren’t purposely trying to be a jerk to anyone… We are all pretty raw from life.

Certainly, desperate for answers and most of all ready to submit ourselves to change…

In our own lives, finally letting go of things that no longer serve us.

Take inventory.

TRUTH inventory.

Mentally, Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally; bringing them ALL under one roof.

No more confusing instructions on which way to go, to follow, to listen to… None of that!!!

Follow YOU!!!

Follow your heart…

Within your heart… there is the truth… the purpose… the lessons… the healing… the release… the pain… the magic… the tears… dig in and let it go…no more holding onto pain…

The answers are all there.

All contained within you.

So, look to yourself for your everything…

No thing or person will or can ever do that for you…

So… mentally, emotionally get with your soul… the young sweet one that came here and knew they had a job to do…

unite with that soul…

the fun one, the happy one, talk to them,

have them work this person who has to live on this crazy earth…

probably be a person dealing with way too many problems, but don’t worry…

find that purpose…

learn to dance with the higher you and God…

Get your dance on with the universe and see how magic ends up surrounding you!!!

Finding me

Love letter to my life

Another day of miracles


Don’t be scared.

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