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time to hear God speak.

Whens the last time you heard from God.


The Universe.

what does that look or sound like to you?

would you recognize this communication if it were to hit you in the face? 

would you brush it off … 

would it be a coincidence, a thought, a song, a phone call, a sudden inspiration… 

could the universe be engaging with you?...

needing to hold some quiet space in our lives to hear spirit speak to us..

It's so important...

I used to be able to only sleep with the TV on… for years.

Now, I haven’t even turned one on in months.

I hear from spirit on such a regular basis now.

I attribute a lot of that to the time that I allow for spirit to speak...

can’t hear God with the TV (media) on.

its always telling you what to think.. 

how to think. 

why to think. 

think for yourself.

re-think how you spend your time.

listening to the universe every free moment I have..

free advice.

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