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Theme music

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

I love music.

love love love it.

After many good and not so good seasons of life..

I started looking back at the memories, the energies songs hold for me… 

I’ve always been so close to music.

Either linking me to what I’ve been through with the song,

or drawing inspiration from the artist and what they are trying to convey…

many times I find the music gives me a source of insight

that I may not have been able to gather on my own..

or they give me a little piece of power or perspective that opened my heart up…

then vibing with the artist… 

the beat…

it feels so good.

brings me right into the moment

I love music.

theme music is super important to me.

for feeling some kind of way..

or just making me smile.

Singing my way through my days… 

The simple things. 

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