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The story my cards tell me...

Ya’ll know I hear from spirit all day ...

loud, like a fire hydrant...

So, my cards were reaching out to me

Spirit was divinely guiding me to them....


I’ve had Oracle “cards” for over 20 years... I just never really used them very much..

I typically had “Grace” Cards (Cheryl Richardson) ... 

When I was moving last year I came across this CD Rom w a Sharpie stating 

“Keepers of the Light 2007” handwritten on it.

...was guided to take it. 

...put it in my computer when I got home and it was blank..

I pulled it out, 

looked at the CD 

and at the sky 


“so, what’s up w the CD? 

...what are you trying to tell me?”.. 

I hear, 

look right... 

...on my bookshelf was one of the many decks I’d accumulated over the years

One very specifically Called “Keepers of the Light”...  

(What the heck, right???!@#$!@) 

I was freaking out because that’s EXACTLY what the CD said...

I was told that the cards wanted to be used....

So, I pulled them out and started using them for guidance.

The cards are amazing.

Truly being at a different place in my life

being able to receive information differently than in the past

I could see all the guidance that the cards were attempting to offer me..

It really started to help guide me gently daily...

You see, I found that God will speak to us in any way..

We need not be afraid of the cards

They are so smart and carry such amazing energy... 

And the cards are so efficient for delivering specific information...

The cards are NEVER wrong.

They always know

... all my decks all have their own personalities

(some are sassy!)

They are so helpful and only wanting to support me and my peeps.

So, I do my best to not neglect my daily card pulling... 

It focuses me on where I need to be ..

And delivers the guidance that is always just what I needed to hear...

And somehow, just trusting seems to make it all work..

Don’t overthink it..

Just receive spirit...

But this Keepers of the Light Deck is a MUST Have for Every Woman I know...

(my two sisters agree)... 

Don’t be afraid to reach out in an unconventional way to hear from God...

As long as your heart is wanting to reach out with love..

That is how it is received..

Don’t be scared..

Join me on this crazy, wild journey and maybe you will find yourself too!!!! 

So much fun.

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