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the personality of flowers.

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

The first time I actually heard/ felt the personality of a flower was at the Mendocino coast Botanical Gardens… 

don't judge.

I walked into the greenhouse and all the condensed energy of the plants was contained within the structure .

all the plants were greeting me as I walked in. 

I could HEAR them saying hello… trying to get my attention… 

was so crazy... !

(I have to admit, 

i freaked out because it was overwhelming…) 

this was the first time i was introduced to the life and personality of what a plant actually does or is doing for the environment.


the frequency, the healing, the personality…

they are here to help us in so many ways.

the invisible conversations… 

I ended up leaving shortly thereafter.

was deeply affected by the experience.

learning to deal with this level of communication from nature is interesting.

so many things happening on levels we don’t understand.

not saying i do.

just open to it now.

living in this unexplainable space.. 

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