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The pee manifestation story.

Really stupid,

But super funny

And kinda weird.. but.

It proves a great point about manifestation.

So, let’s just go with it...

So, I’m chillin, driving; get an urge to pee. 


So, I tell myself Ill wait but..

All of a sudden I have to go pee so bad that I can barley hold it.

Literally, I have to make myself do breathing exercises to pull myself back in...

So I don’t pee my pants before I make it to a restroom.

POINT of the story.

How did I not have to pee, to within a minute barley being able to wait...

What the heck? Ridiculous.

This has happened to me many times, unfortunately.

But, it’s taught me about INSTANT manifestation.

How can it turn from a feeling/thought to a thing so quickly 

Should there be nothing in between.

Something as simple as the urge to pee..

But try it for yourself.

Watch/listen to how things are manifesting in your life.

Is it a quick turnaround or could there be something in the way?

WHAT are you manifesting?

Listen to your life. 



Hopefully you won’t have to do breathing exercises to make it to the restroom, like me...

Manifesting this miraculous life.

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