The best of times, the worst of times.

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Living at one of the best and worst times in history is so freaking exciting.

Surface level. For most people here.

It feels shitty. 

but the good thing about everything changing is…


(things are pretty broken.. its actually a good thing…)

let us release what wasn’t working.

let us examine what is on the verge of being born from it all.


From all of our unknowingness. 

everyones unknowingness.


to dig inside ourselves and express.

deal with your life instead of trying to escape it.

get your own opinion, create your own love, shine your light, walk your path.. 

commit to yourself to be good to you.

be good to others.

honor you. honor life.  

our mission work is here. 

the time is now.

put your time, eyes, for . to .

your own life. 

who is it that you are.

and go out and get that.

its time.

what makes you feel good. 

what makes you feel like you.

examine . it . all . 


its . time . to . change . the . world .

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