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spinal health.

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

as I journey with this body of mine. 

she hurts so bad that I’m solely devoted to making things right.

I listen to what I need.

I oblige.

I’m constantly working to see anything I can do to get to the root of these issues.

recently started seeing a chiropractor and wellness center.

they inform me about the deep importance of the health of my spine in my overall existence.

its made a big difference in my perspective.

its hugely helped my physical self too.

making a commitment to myself to do the work to get better.

we are so much more complex then we give ourselves credit for.

amazing creatures.

our spine holds so much power and intelligence in this system of ours.

this western md stuff…masking the problems.

unlocking the spine. it holds the key to many illnesses…

doing the research to get myself better from the inside out this time. 

releasing all the old.

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