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him. space for love.

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

for some time I was really closed off to love.

(for good reason)

as I have allowed time to heal me

and perspective to teach me

i now know that letting love in has been pertinent to leveling up

and changing the game for me.

Deciding to be vulnerable.

trusting and honoring the connection we have.

realizing that I needed love to move forward..

finding my person.

he knows he is safe with me.

this one I have been with in many lifetimes before.

he was my King

as I was his Queen

in this lifetime now,

we are creating space for each other.

finding our way back to one another..

remembering of who we are...

watching things move and grow.

thank you universe for bringing him back to me.

and showing me the benefit of my willingness to flow ...

connection is deep


and worth it.

grateful for the partnership.

you know who you are.

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