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So grateful for tarot - Crosswatching is masterful.

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Love being able to cross watch in tarot. 

Its a powerful tool. 

When your connections with people aren’t “intact” and you need (want) information..

Tarot is their to save the day. 


It gives me the ability to gather information about situations/ people/ energy 


interacting with them.. 

It’s so much fun and is so powerful.

Connecting with the energies that “they” are going through and being able to see where they are with spirit.

It helps me process through things, gather unseen details in the current energies and 

get a good overall picture of what is going on. 

Being able to identify who is what and where and why and how... 

its phenomenal.


Great use of my time and energy.

Helps me put things to bed that I need out of my head.

Helps me get out of my head overall.

Helps me trust spirit and the universe and 

all of that invisible support that happening in the background.

Really, just helps me calm the hell down. 

Thanks you universe for all the ways to access invisible support and information.

It’s masterful.

Love my life.

Love my cards.

Love my tarot.

Love my crystals.

New ways to do things.

Leveling up.

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