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reincarnation. it just is.

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

One thing we must do in the Western world is get over our disbelief of reincarnation. 

It is something I truly struggled with believing for years.

Now, I understand

not a big deal.

people from most countries don’t even think twice about it.

it is what it is.

we existed before we came into these bodies

we will exist when we leave.

non physical form.

we have specific work to do here and...

we come back…

We work /live/deal with people

our souls have contracts

it’s very specific to us. 

Western religion has taught us not to believe it.

but . we . all . know . about . western . religion . 

once you except that. 

It becomes easier to see what the bigger meaning may be.

can we have a real purpose here...


What could your job be?

only you can do your job.

Your life.

details there.

with that mindset... 

concepts open, new perspectives can totally shift your reality…

Loving my life from this view.

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