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on taking my own advice.

ever done that

gave someone advice you should be taking?


we ALL do this.

So slowing down.

starting to take my own advice.

listening to how i talk to others


befriending myself

giving myself space to be beautiful and wonderful and fire and life and love

and not holding back

any longer

I am listening to my words.

hearing how much power I have

on TAKING THE TIME for self-care and self-love.

I am nursing myself back to health..

becoming my own cheerleader.

and helping myself back up

on my path

back to me and who I have always been.

(i just forgot)

giving myself permission 

to like and love myself.

and give her a lifeline again..

(take that in….)

Its ALOT HARDER than it sounds… 

and it takes time.

so, be patient.

here’s to getting healthy in 2020

on our way back to our true SOULS JOURNEY….

get some.

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