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On protecting my vibe.

Many things to take you where you don’t want to be...

And so easily.

unintentionally landing in an energetic space

That i have no desire to be in

Due to someones energy grabbing onto mine

Get your non-aware self off my high vibe...

with some crystals, black salt, a candle and a little of my magic.

Being cognizant and actively aware of who

and how I give my energy away.

My vibe is mine.

It’s what I have to keep me sane.

To keep me moving forward and in the energetic lane I want to actively manifest in.

I have HIGH expectations for this lifetime.

I have high frequency work to do.


Dem energy vampires will attempt to rob you with their low vibrations.

Protect your vibe.

Protect your future.

Actively doing my energetic work.

Draya Love style

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