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on not needing love, but I am ready again.


funny things happen.

we shift.

things change.

situations entice my interest.

turn my head a bit.

and ultimately

have led me to realize i am ready for the next season of what love looks like in my life.

I am ready 

for opening my heart to new experiences and flirtatious energies that make my heart feel some type of way

not for heavy hearted commitments but light, fun, lovely energy play… 

Taking this last year off of to see what it was inside of me. 

What it was that my heart needed to heal.

that was some real medicine that did deep work on me at a soul level.

Knowing myself.


i feel ready to attract the right type of love

one that can elevate and interest me

lead and entice me 

because I am a masterful badass

and I love the life out of myself

not needing love but wanting it this time.

I think for the right reasons.

intermingling energy can be so beautiful. 

the lessons, the depth, the experiences.

looking forward to the next one in my life to open me things in me that are ready to be revealed.

only through love.

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