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On needing one another in this time

the divide is real and more apparent than ever.

BUT we all know that the human condition

requires us to need one another.

to benefit from the connections with others.

We are all dealing with a deep sense of pain and wounding


we aren’t all expressing that in kind ways..

we aren’t collectively dealing with our pain.

WE need each other.

WE need to love one another

WE need to have compassion for ourselves

for one another

WE need to heal individually so we can

heal societally.

only done through unity.

This is a big order for us all to look at honestly.

especially at this period of time we are living in.

but the universe has put us in this place

to expose the SHADOWS of society

so they can be seen for what they are 

so they are addressed

and dealt with

at their rotten core.

ignored no more.

Let us be cognizant of the deep need for understanding 

let us be willing to do the work required of us 

let us all do our part individually

and together.

let us rise with love.

I do not wish to deceive or be deceived.

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