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On becoming an observer

Let's contemplate observing.

just sitting back, quietly &

piece together what the events in your life, your space

are saying to you.

Not being so reactive.

See what some space can offer the situation.

... being more of an observer has assisted me in flowing in and with my life.

seeing what it has to say to me

instead of insisting my ideologies upon it.

always a student in the middle of my life.

This picture is from my new book, love letter to my life.

Healing. Complex, bite sized, digestible doses of healing and the wake up process

for all ages. Unique, playful and funny. Order on Amazon or my website (link in bio). Can be found in local Stores in SD: Amethyst Moon, The Black/ OB Books, Crystal Visions, The Himalayas, Tranquil Earth Yoga, Humble Heart Thrift.

Thank you for your support family. Much love.

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