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off meds. cellular release.

getting off meds gave my body an opportunity to release all that was being held.

true cellular release.

our bodies actually will let it go, 

if we allow ourselves to

and work at it

not understanding my body’s symptoms, 

then stuffing it with meds..

synthetic shit.

my body was pissed at me.

inflamed . angry . 

working under such distress.

from the food

the toxins

the emotions

my lifestyle

the things i wasn’t dealing with.

the people

i . did . this . 

that . meant . i . could . undo . it . 

it needed to release, 

to express. 

to get rid of all the old storage.

So the process began. 

I no longer fight it

unexplainable most times.

unusually painful.

mentally, physically, spiritually emotionally.. 

i feel like i am a pain processing center since I signed up for this. 

not saying i like it 

or want it.

its my story.

i must deal.

Letting my body take me through the motions..

in the release process.. 

so i can show others how to do this too...

letting my life reveal my mission through my story.

crazy phenomenal

true healing this time. 

your . story . too . is . in . your . pain .

you gotta let it go.

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