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Who has my power?

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

i’ve done some things in my life. 

Not knowing their affects on me as a whole.

initially, it didn't seem so bad…

i didn’t realize how deeply it was affecting me.

    but I gave my power away. 




and freakin over.

I found my power when i stopped giving that shit away for free.

like it wasn’t the valuable asset it is...

no more of that.

no dimming this light.

no more worrying if someone else can handle who this heart naturally wants to express as...

she is pretty intense.

if they can’t hang,


I'm not afraid of who this is that is emerging.

She’s coming hard for me..

coming hard at this world.

re-thinking where my energy goes.

who keeps real estate 

up in here.

coming into myself.

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