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no longer fitting into their paradigm

there was a time

when i was just moving along with the herd of mass society

not yet truly making my OWN way

going with their flow. 

not mine


after years.

that shit ended.

every reality I had set up for myself had to adjust drastically.

as i changed.

as i honored myself

every relationship i had shifted harshly.

you either hated me, 

loved me 

or were super confused by all the reality i was spitting.

during my wake up process

its been so interesting.

seeing me grow and change and shift and flow and fly


people in my path.


watch me do this.

their reaction

it tells me so much about where they are at.

how much they can handle in their life.

if you just listen, you can see too.

you can see exactly where and how you fit in.

waking up from the paradigm society has us under.

the many layers

ready to be accountable to my life

and my progress 

and my happiness.


Finally free to just be me.

get some.

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