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My religious beliefs...

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Christian/ Catholic upbringing. at least in school.

family didn’t attend church though. 

Went to catholic, all girls HS. 

Married catholic and kinda practiced it. 

when . all . the . shit . went . down . with . the . catholic . church .

I started attending a christian church.

lots of music. lots of fellowship

i liked that better.

after my divorce, i somehow ended back in catholic church.

was at one point attending 6 days a week and a catechism teacher to 3rd graders.

kids were awesome.

no longer doing that.

catholic church reject… 

not in line with their beliefs and they . let . me . know . it .

the crappy experience just sent me the messages that I needed to broaden my view

there was so much I wasn’t seeing.

I started to attend daily church with the universe

instead of running to listen to someone else's interpretation...

I started to discern for myself.

didn't need "religion"

I needed connection...

I needed to hear God speak.


i had to listen. to shut up, too.

but that's how to hear spirit.

a happier me.

my messages became clear.

I worship how I worship.

I own that. No one has to agree with me.

I still attend church, just different places different days.

I find church without entering a building mostly.

I can get God anywhere.

direct connection to spirit, people.

use it.

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