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my magic

As my life started to shift drastically

Pieces of me began to emerge.

In the last several years,

I showed up for me in my life like I had never done before.

I dropped the illusions of what I thought other people or situations could do for me and put that effort into myself.

there were many parts of me that needed to surface.

shedding the old

to allow space for the new

so I could see this beautiful woman I coming into.

the person that I am today has taken some time to show up.

she guides me each day.

helping me believe in the universal connection.

and the decision to play my part.

understanding the need to believe in my own magic

Observing what that looks like… 

Taking in what that feel like?

Allowing myself to come into this beautiful existence.

What would it look like if you allowed yourself to fully come forth?...

Maybe 2020 is calling for a little magic. 

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