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My happy face story.

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

This one is pretty wild. 

you will never hear another like it.

Was driving one day with my X fiancé’s daughter. 

We had such a good day, we were laughing.

A rock hit my windshield.

Definitely irritated because I JUST got my windshield replaced less than a month earlier.

Analyzing what just happened.

I MUST always make lemonade… it’s my job. 

the rock that hit me, was sending me a message.

The “mark” left in the window from the rock was a….


Okay,.. that's weird...

Seems pretty much impossible.

Well, the freakin rock left me a 2x2 happy face dead center in my windshield.

God was getting real direct with me...

CAN I BE ANY MORE CLEAR with this sign?...

My happy face and I are still rolling together.

Many insights together. 

Never getting my windshield replaced.

Loving my life. 

mind-blowing, invisible conversations. 

Engaging with the universe.

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