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my car. connection. dope ass communication.

so communication with spirit and connection are funny things

we think they “look” a certain way but communication is dope if you can really hear and see all up in the details.

my higher self has spoken to me through my car for some time.

since I was gifted a happy face in my windshield courtesy of a freeway rock (of course a stone, me n rocks…) three years ago, I realized the universe will speak to me through this symbolism…

if i listen…

the last week I’ve been getting messages through my car with the towing and the stolen plate…

as i had to “decode” what the messages were through the

“mess” on the surface.

the temptation to be irritated came and went

but ultimately responsibility came right back to me..

the message?

what is it.

so a friend also had a few things happen to his car same week

and we were chatting about it and the possibility of a message from his higher self through the challenges with his car…

there were electrical issues and his lights weren’t working..

but they couldn’t quite pinpoint it yet…

so, as we talked about it..

what came up is that since its an electrical problem, its about connection.. and specifically disconnect from God/ Spirit/ higher self and willingness/desire to actually shine your light in the world. (since they don’t work)

But connection must be made and communication is being solicited from your higher self.. through the car.

cool, right?

Y’all, see the universe will speak to us through ANY and EVERY way it can get our attention… and if we aren’t “getting it” in other ways…

this is how communication looks like..

so, learning to read all in between the details of what is happening in your life.

You can actually decode what you should be paying attention to if you learn how to speak this very subtle language.

Its beautiful.

this and accountability ….

its good stuff.

game changers.

get some.

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