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Mindbody Prescription inspired.

As listening to myself is my main job,

Being completely transparent about how and why this illness manifested in my body is a huge piece of why I do what I do. 

To get to the bottom of it all.

Recently, I Listened to an audiobook called The Mindbody Prescription. 

It was all about physical pain, ailments and disease manifestation. 

It detailed how they are expressed by the subconscious holding repressed fears /anger and unresolved emotional issues as illness in our body. 

Could my body be forming a “defense mechanism” to divert my energy away from “dealing” with emotional turmoil?

Could illness be a result of “tension” and the body’s response to it. 

And the story it was trying to express...

Looking at wellness from a Mindbody perspective instead of separating the two.


Thinking about all the things that “could” have brought my body and my emotions to express in this way.

So, I ask my body, what are you trying to say to me that I am not hearing...?

What am I not doing for you?

Let me hear you. Let me feel this time.

Let me allow you to express what it is that I have been forcing you to hold on to for all this time.

And I won’t stop listening until you are done talking.


It is KEY to open communication with your body.

To ask it the questions to bring about the emotions that I have been stuffing inside of you for so long.

We must allow what we feel to flow through our body. 

Give it the space to express. 

To release. To bring forth and honor what it is you have been through.

I appreciate the opportunity to learn what wasn’t working for me and learn better ways.

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