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Meeting people where they are.

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Meeting people where they are has become an art form for me..

like we are each other’s canvas..

not for me to be me 

but for us to meet each other where we are at...

and just be that.

Ive learned so much about having a big personality.

I know how valuable it is to just be.

Let the ready ones come to me.

They always do.

Don’t push your agenda on people, Andrea.

Made expensive relationship mistakes that cost me a lot with both of my son’s.

One for a few years,

The other, our relationship is still in the works...

This was much due to me not knowing how to meet people where they were.

I only knew how to be me..

I wasn’t as cognizant of others journeys and timing.


But, I am navigating on new grounds now.

Showing these boys that their mother can change

And be brave enough to git rid of what wasn’t working

and choose to grow.

(I am finding these lessons to be much more valuable).

ESPECIALLY if you model them, instead of just preach.

And today,

in this world,

It really matters.

Everyone’s agenda.

Being able to merge in.

And not be forceful.

And to live in your example.


(The old aggressive me)... is in training...

But truly, just lots of rewiring my brain.

Letting my heart in.

Shifting my patterns

Showing me how to be 

in other ways. 

It took me some years to realize my affect on people.

Being honest about my behavior allowed me the opportunity

To reflect enough to see what was possible.


as I  work my crap out.

One day at a time.

And I am no longer taking it out on people. 

Meeting people where they are.

Love letter to my life.

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