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Making people around me uncomfortable

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

When I started to go at WARP speed in terms of my change...

it started to make a lot of people around me highly uncomfortable.

I could see it in every relationship I had. 


Making people very uncomfortable because it makes people face themself as I’m facing myself. 

Most people are in a comfortable state of numbness and unknowingness and are happier just staying in that place. 

Unfortunately, being around me, reminds people that we came into this world for a specific reason.

Its not to be comfortable  

but to dive into our purpose and change the world. 

Most people aren’t willing to walk in there bigness

in their greatness 

in their purpose

in their job 

sorry that I make you uncomfortable.

i just want you to exist in the grandioseness that you are.

own that.

I'll . believe . in . you . until . you . believe . in . yourself .

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