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Illusion of the month

We bullshit ourselves through our existence most times.

Recently woke to one more illusion that I subconsciously told myself...

For many reasons 

We choose to buy into these 

Stories. Experiences. People. Situations. Circumstances.

All of the above.

Wanting (________) somehow

grasping onto part of the feeling that maybe we need right now...

Riding that wave

Not willing to let go of things because ....(_______)

And the illusion wakes us sometimes.

It can be a gentle nudge/message

Or a conversation that is hard af to digest

to remind us that 

We must be fluid and willing to shift.

Everything is always changing.

Don’t be stuck on specificities...

Let the universe give us what we need.

And let us be willing to flow with what it is that is ours.

What do we want to experience?

Who do we want to experience that with? 

What are we willing to do in our lives to incorporate that?

What must we give up in order to flow into what it is we are trying to manifest. 

Many times I think I am so woke..

And I probably am

But I have so much to learn.

We are so caught up in ourselves.

Our stories.

What we want....

We have to be willing to release ourselves from the illusion of it all...

Or at least know what it is we are active and willing participants in..

Being aware is half the battle. 

Waking up to my part in the illusion of this existence.

Dancing in my life.

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