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I asked God why I am given so many tears...

Updated: Dec 15, 2018


A few years ago this became huge for me.

Not by choice 

It just happened.

I found myself crying over everything.

Took a bit to find out why.

I asked God...

why . so . many . tears . 

So frequently ?

I just heard

because they won’t process.

You must help them.

These tears must be transmuted. 

These feelings must be felt. Released

My challenge. I deeply feel people’s pain. 

To my core

The pain they won’t feel.

A gift. 


An opportunity to reveal to people how much they hold.

Let it go. 

the pain you carry is so heavy.

please cry.

please release.

please process.

you need it.

we all need deep deep release.

way too much stored up in our systems.

let it go...


magic in the tears.

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