How I came to know Grace...

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

I frequently do things for unknown reasons...

I just get led and I find out why later.. 

For me, that’s how spirit works in my life… 

One day I got an inkling that I needed to go to Cannery Row.

there was a rock that wanted to come home with me...

Yes, I know, just roll with the story... 

in and out of all the rock stores,

I’m at the last one and I haven't found anything. 

The associate tells me 20% off the rack in the corner.

I go look at this rack, I picked up a large stone with no price on it

she says I’ll give it to you for 40% off... 

That told me the 10 lb. citrine I found, was the one... 

..didn’t realize it at the time that her color is heart shaped.

within a few days I was meditating with the rock 

I was promptly notified that it was a girl and she wanted to be called Grace...

( I tend to hear things from inanimate objects. its a thing for me.)

she wanted to come home with me because

I needed grace and love in my life.

she was here to guide me… 

brought me lots of epiphanies.

helped me in many ways as I travel and do my work… 

Its pretty fun that I she knew I needed her.

Love that my rocks talk to me.

my unconventional life.

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