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Ground rules from me... to me...

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

a talk from me to me...

Just because I know how wild I am... 

No fast decisions... you will only irritate yourself. 

Let things flow. 

Forcing things never works. 

Allow God at least a day to work on “circumstances “...


you are your most important asset... 

Self care. My love.

Never forget. 

God will whisper your answers in the quiet moments you care for yourself... 

Empower. First choice. 

Show them their power before they know about yours.

So much more effective that way. 

Don’t be hard on your beautiful, 

messy life and self. 

Don’t forget to breathe...

Sleep it off. 

Tomorrow is new. 

Realize where your power is.... 

not in your ridiculous obnoxious self... 

point them to their powers.. 

Stop defending yourself.

Don’t do the job myself, 

just work through my people... 

we can all do it together. 

It empowers them to accomplish meaningful things too... 

and I’m not stupidly run ragged... 

Love and empower through grace.

Gratitude every moment for the perfection in the detail. 

Although I can’t “see” to understand it all, 

I do trust. 

I let spirit be spirit... and me be me

I can do that. 

Ready to do my part.

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