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being grateful for everything presenting in your life. 

this existence.

the beauty in the dance of it all.

seeing the details of what it is you ask for. your manifestations.

rise to the surface and show you life.

show you exactly what the internal reality will look like on the outside.

from your words, your intentions, your attention to the right things.

doing the internal work to reflect an external reality that is so on point.

to deal with all your dark corners and

find the most beautiful ways to make them all shine bright like the star you are.

There is power in embracing it all.

minus the resistance.

expressing gratitude has given me more to be grateful for. 

gratitude expression and expansion.

creating more of what I want, dancing with energies.

Getting everything I ask for and co-create.

Thank you Universe, God, Spirit for giving me the opportunity every to get up after this again.

every day.

purely grateful.

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