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Going from fear to Love

Today I attended a live show that had the topic of going from fear to love.

It’s an area I know so many of us could use some serious assistance with...

My mentor, Nicholas provided a chart with the actual frequencies of shame, anger, fear all the way up to joy, love and then enlightenment...

It’s mind boggling to see that how we behave is an actual frequency upon us.

(we are vibrational beings)

When I feel fearful, it clearly feels different in my body and in my heart,

than something like love would make me feel.


How do I want to feel?

I'm sure not interested in putting myself through any low “vibe”.

Why would I want do anything that doesn’t feel good longer than necessary?

Learning that feeling good is an easy way to go from fear to love..

releasing what no longer serves my highest good.

(doesn’t mean suppressing things)

big difference

feel it.

choose to release. it all…

a little bit at a time

Stepping into the frequency of willingness or maybe acceptance…

Just tweak your thinking a little…

check that perspective.

just a little

you may

one day

actually find

that you can work your way into feeling better.

Its a journey.

to love yourself again.

to love your life again

(or maybe for the first time)

to care your soul into the existence it came here for…

get ready for the ride of your life.

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