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Goin thru thangs. Need roots.

In the last few days I spoke to my sisters and 

had a few conversations with girlfriends that are like sisters.. 

always much needed.

Talking to them feels like home. 

Like getting that deep love your soul needs.

Since I am so mobile, and have moved so much in the last several years....

it is important to have some roots with some people somewhere to keep me a little grounded...

And since I change so much, 

and since my version of family changes so much, 

I need people who help me feel like I know where I have come from.. 

to see what a freakin journey its been.

To reminisce along the ride a bit...

Lost many along the way.

Good to have people that love and support you for just being you.

This journey can be lonely. 

Even when you are surrounded by people.

Grateful for those I can relate to and unite missions with.

I need their love, energy, good intentions and help along my journey.

In the midst of it all.

Love letter to my messy life.

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