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getting off meds.

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

beyond overdue

all that crap I let the doctors put me on.

my system was so overwhelmed.

processing through all that synthetic stuff in my body. 

ready to now make myself better. 

the meds already proved incapable. their time was up.

This ISN’T an easy process.

the details of who I am

I now see in the revelations in dealing with the trauma

that had been


and shut down for so many years.

lots of old shit to unpack from this body. this life. this heart.

lots of details



at least I’m offloading my stuff now.

allowing my body to release, express.

i still don't have the answers.

I'm listening to myself now.

My body.

one day at a time

super tired.


one day at a time.

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