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Down the rabbit hole...

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

I pretty much live down the rabbit hole.

Things got crazy a few years ago… 

couldn’t talk about what I knew anymore..

people couldn't handle it.

I see the look on peoples face as I speak and boy, 

do I have the ability to either scare the crap out of someone 

or wake someone the heck up..

and get some purpose...

And UNLESS you are ready, that can really alter every relationship you are in…

So, yeah.

Draya Love. Existing in this place.

mostly alone.

The stuff I see, hear, know… am aware of.. wish I could share more... 

Its not time… 

eventually, people will be able to process what you are saying.

pace yourself DRAYA LOVE… 

they can’t handle you.

you even scare yourself...

in time.

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