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Discussing this concept of pain, stuffing and disease.

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Let’s talk about this concept of pain, stuffing and disease.  

What . we . stuff . will . always . manifest . in . our . body . 

The storage of the old. Old anything really. Physical, mental, spiritual, literal… 

Burying “old pain, old things”. 

inside ourselves. 

Where exactly do we think that it’s going?… 

because it sits somewhere.

Any good coming from that?... 

our hearts desire release from these unnecessary burdens we carry everywhere… 

Our bodies need us to allow ourselves to release... 

Our lives fight us from the inside out.

hearts & bodies are screaming for… 

that’s kind of the point.

Listen to your body; a powerful vessel.

That heart; your guidance system. 

What is your life requiring from you?...


Healing magic there. 

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